Naruto: The Unofficial Cookbook (Hardcover)

Naruto: The Unofficial Cookbook By Danielle Baghernejad Cover Image

Naruto: The Unofficial Cookbook (Hardcover)


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Prepare and enjoy delicious dishes seen in, and inspired by, the hit anime show Naruto.

Naruto: The Unofficial Cookbook trains you in the cooking arts as effectively as Kakashi trains Team 7 in the ninja arts! Naruto fans of all ages will enjoy this cookbook’s easy and delicious recipes, including sweet, sticky Dango; the nourishing Curry of Life; and, of course, Ichiraku Ramen. Learn how to cook culinary masterpieces from The Village Hidden in the Leaves and throughout the Five Great Shinobi Countries.

50+ RECIPES: Iconic Naruto fare such as Ichiraku Ramen and Sweet Dango will delight hungry Naruto fans of any age. The wide range of recipes provides enough options to satisfy as many shadow clones as you can summon.

TIPS AND TRICKS: Includes culinary techniques and cooking jutsus to make you a Hokage of the kitchen. A helpful nutrition guide and suggestions for alternate ingredients ensures that those with dietary restrictions can enjoy the feast.

FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Easy-to-follow recipes and everyday ingredients make this an ideal cookbook for kids, families, beginners, and experienced shinobi alike. An excellent entry point for anyone who wants to learn to cook Japanese and Asian dishes.

FULL OF FUN NARUTO FACTS: Learn why ramen is important to the series, which character names are food-related, and more Naruto-food connections.

STUNNING IMAGES: Beautiful, full-color photos of the finished dishes will help you focus your chakras to ensure success! Believe it!
A self-proclaimed Japanophile, Danielle Baghernejad has long fostered a love of all things Japanese. After being introduced to the world of anime and manga in college, she was instantly hooked, and ever since has been diving deeper and deeper into various aspects of Japanese culture. Her dream of experiencing the nuances of Japanese cuisine firsthand came true after an appearance on the TV show Sekai! Nippon Ni Ikitai Hito Ouendan. Since then, she has worked to make authentic Japanese recipes more available to a Western audience. A foodie by night writing on, she spends her spare time in the kitchen with her husband, Eamon, and daughter, Giselle.
Product Details ISBN: 9781958862148
ISBN-10: 1958862142
Publisher: Reel Ink Press
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 144
Language: English