Apricot the Gentle Gecko (Paperback)

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Apricot the Gentle Gecko (Paperback)


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Apricot the gentle gecko lives in Mrs Dotty's house in South Africa. Every three months she travels to England to work as a carer. One day, Apricot has an idea: the next time Mrs Dotty packs her suitcase, he is going to hide inside and go on an overseas adventure He decides to share the news with his housemates Petunia the spider and Lucy the lizard, who get drawn into his daring plan and decide to go with him. The unlikely friends sneak into Mrs Dotty's suitcase as secret stowaways, ready to embark on a voyage like no other. But will they be safe? Together, the three friends go on an exciting and perilous trip and meet a host of different animals along the way. Follow Apricot and his friends on their journey in this delightful story of adventure.

Product Details ISBN: 9781916820852
ISBN-10: 1916820859
Publisher: Osvalda Fernandes
Publication Date: November 8th, 2023
Pages: 50
Language: English

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