Tilly in Technicolor (Paperback)

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Tilly in Technicolor (Paperback)


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Tilly in Technicolor is Mazey Eddings's sparkling YA debut about two neurodivergent teens who form a connection over the course of a summer.

Tilly Twomley is desperate for change. White-knuckling her way through high school with flawed executive functioning has left her burnt out and ready to start fresh. Working as an intern for her perfect older sister’s start up isn’t exactly how Tilly wants to spend her summer, but the required travel around Europe promises a much-needed change of scenery as she plans for her future. The problem is, Tilly has no idea what she wants.

Oliver Clark knows exactly what he wants. His autism has often made it hard for him to form relationships with others, but his love of color theory and design allows him to feel deeply connected to the world around him. Plus, he has everything he needs: a best friend that gets him, placement into a prestigious design program, and a summer internship to build his resume. Everything is going as planned. That is, of course, until he suffers through the most disastrous international flight of his life, all turmoil stemming from lively and exasperating Tilly. Oliver is forced to spend the summer with a girl that couldn’t be more his opposite—feeling things for her he can’t quite name—and starts to wonder if maybe he doesn’t have everything figured out after all.

As the duo’s neurodiverse connection grows, they learn that some of the best parts of life can’t be planned, and are forced to figure out what that means as their disastrously wonderful summer comes to an end.

MAZEY EDDINGS is a neurodiverse author, dentist, and (most importantly) stage mom to her cats, Yaya and Zadie. She can most often be found reading romance novels under her weighted blanket and asking her fiancé to bring her snacks. She’s made it her personal mission in life to destigmatize mental health issues and write love stories for every brain. With roots in Ohio and Philadelphia, she now calls Asheville, North Carolina home. She is the author of A Brush with Love and Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake.
Product Details ISBN: 9781250328120
ISBN-10: 1250328128
Publisher: Wednesday Books
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 320
Language: English

"So freaking cute. Tilly in Technicolor will have you aching with love for these characters while swooning at their awkward adorableness together. I want to hug this book to my chest." —Chloe Gong, #1 New York Times bestselling author of These Violent Delights

"A sweet neurodivergent love story.. Hand to readers who could write an essay about how Mr. Darcy could be autistic, or any fan of well-written love stories." - School Library Journal, starred review

"Eddings, who shares both characters’ diagnoses, brings clarity, humor, insight, and empathy to their challenges. An adjunct assortment of bright, variously divergent teens manifest kindness, affection, and acceptance." - Kirkus

"A tender, heartfelt, and effortlessly inclusive feel-good YA romance with one of the best (read: hilarious) disaster-cutes I've ever witnessed, Tilly in Technicolor captures the giddy thrill of finding the person who sees you, who gets you, and who, ultimately, adores you exactly as you are. I loved Mazey Edding's YA debut—the equivalent of a firm bear hug—from the very first page, and by the time I reached the last, I felt loved back. This is an affirming and joyful novel about rediscovering yourself outside of boxes, expectations, and comfort zones." —Lillie Vale, author of Beauty and the Besharam

"Mazey Eddings has one of the most realistically hilarious voices in Romance and has secured this across age categories with her new YA rom-com, Tilly in Technicolor. Equal parts funny, awkward, tender, hopeful, and swoony, I would do anything for Tilly and Oliver. WE MUST PROTECT THEM AT ALL COSTS. Can’t wait for more books from Mazey! —Susan Lee, author of Seoulmates

Tilly in Technicolor is the perfect coming of age story set in far off places and featuring one hell of an adorable love story. Eddings has brought a new and inspired voice to YA romance with her own (very welcome) spin, inviting neurodivergent readers to find themselves understood, accepted and fully loved within the pages.” -Erin Hahn, author of Never Saw You Coming

"Tilly in Technicolor
lives up to its name, as Mazey Eddings writes with a full palette of colors. Beneath the laughter and the swooning, there’s a rich journey of self-acceptance and not changing who you are to fit in with the rest of the world. This book shines bright. —Brian D. Kennedy, author of A Little Bit Country

"A wildly fun travel adventure, poignant celebration of neurodiversity, and swoon-worthy romance all at once, Tilly in Technicolor is an unforgettable YA debut. It will leave you laughing, making heart-eyes, and running to add anything Mazey Eddings writes to your shelf. I loved every bright, colorful minute with Tilly and Ollie!" —Kaitlyn Hill, author of Love from Scratch

"Eddings (The Plus One, for adults)—who is both autistic and has ADHD—organically develops a heartwarming rom-com about two teens who often feel out-of-step with their peers finding balance with each other." - Publishers Weekly

"Eddings' [YA] debut will appeal to readers looking for both a coming-of-age story and a romance with well-developed and relatable neurodivergent main characters." - Booklist